The Rose of the Winds is a project in which artists take listeners on a fantastic journey to the furthest places on Earth. The concert program is filled with ethnic music and passionate Argentine tangoes that are contrasted with contemplative Asian music. All these images are presented through the use of an original combination of instruments: percussion and flute. The ensemble combines ethnic character with elements typical of classical music.


Concert program:

G. Farr – Kembang Suling, 11 min.
R. Shankar – L’Aube Enchantée, 12 min.
M. Shinohara – Kassouga, 8 min.
Ch. Hatzis – Arctic Dreams, 7 min.
R. Beaser – Mountain Songs, 6 min.
A. Piazzolla – Vuelvo al Sur, 4 min.
M. Ravel – Piece en Forme de Habanera, 3 min.
M. Ravel – Pavane pour une Infante defunte, 6 min.
J.Ibert – Entr’acte, 5 min.
B. Bartok – Romanian Folk Dances, 7 min.

Duration of the program: 69 min.


Concert program:

J. S. Bach – Sonata E Minor, BWV 1034, 13 min.
W. A. Mozart – Andante K.315, 7 min.
M. Ravel – Piece en Forme de Habanera, 3 min.
A. Shaposhnikov – Sonata for flet and harp (arr. for flute and marimba), 12 min.
T. Takemitsu – Toward the Sea, 11 min.
J.Ibert – Entr’acte, 5 min.

Duration of the program: 51 min.

„Music Makeover” project presents the music in different time periods: from baroque, through classicism, impressionism, to contemporary compositions. The program contains well-known classical music pieces by artists such as J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart and J. Ibert. The audience will hear them in a changed version that combines the original part of the flute with the completely new sound of marimba. Through this repertoire, the artists show how the style and the way of creation changed through the ages. During the concert, the audience will take a musical journey through time. It will certainly be an interesting experience, encouraging reflection on this evolution.

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